IELTS Vocabulary: Architecture and Buildings

IELTS Speaking or Writing Topic: Architecture and Buildings

You might be asked to speak or write about almost any topic. In this vocabulary series I want to give you some vocabulary for  the less-common topics — after all you can easily get word lists on the common areas (movies, environment, etc).

Architecture and buildings don’t come up too often, but when they do, you’ll be ready.



Don’t try to learn vast lists of vocabulary. Keep it short and simple. But make sure you know how to use the words in sentences. 


reinforced concrete; brick; steel and glass; stone; timber; a prefabricated building

an apartment building; a sky scraper; a high-rise apartment building; a flat; a tower; a bungalow; a cabin a studio; a slum dwelling; a ruin; a hovel; a historic building; a commercial building; a national monument; a public building


A hovel in the countryside.

Styles of Architecture
Classical; Medieval; Gothic; Renaissance; Art Deco; Modern; Post-Modern; Islamic. (These are all proper nouns, so use capital letters)

The Taj Mahal, India. An example of Islamic architecture featuring arches, domes, spires and minarets.

Idioms and phrases
an ugly monstrosity; an eyesore; a derelict warehouse.

pleasing geometric forms; a beautiful façade; an elegant structure; a radical design.

Buildings and the Environment
energy efficient; ecofriendly; it blends in with the surroundings.

Part of Buildings
roof; column; pillar; arch; balcony; terrace; steeple; spire; dome; cellar; basement; attic; loft; the access; a corrugated iron roof.

the blueprints; the building site; the foundations; the wiring; the plumbing.

Practice with these Speaking Part 1 questions:

  • Describe your neighbourhood.
  • What kind of house do you live in?
  • Are there any monuments in your hometown?
  • Do you like to visit historical buildings?
  • Have you ever visited a famous structure?
  • What are the landmarks in your hometown?

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